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Parkway Middle School of the Arts

Atmospheric Science & Applied Meteorology

Atmospheric Science & Applied Meteorology offers students a unique approach to studies in weather & climate, and how those conditions affect human activity, our earth environment, and wildlife ecosystems.

In addition to jobs with the National Weather Service or National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, a career in meteorology, weather forecasting supports the aviation, airport design, broadcasting, construction, government, insurance forensics, marine, university and space industries while a career in atmosphere science works collaboratively with chemists, mathematicians, hydrologists and oceanographers and researchers on global warming and environmental science projects. 

Strong technology skills are emphasized with rigorous research and documentation developing the student’s ability to critically evaluate data and present analysis while tracking and documenting data for NASA S’COOL, EPA AirNow and CoCoRAHS online educational programs.  

Integrating Civil Engineering as it pertains to extreme weather conditions, students discover how engineers take into consideration drought, rain, floods, and wind events when designing and planning construction projects. 

Students interested in a growing STEM field with global job opportunities in weather and climate will benefit from this course.

Aviation Science: GLOBAL EXPLORERS! 

Students participating with Parkway’s Aviation Science course have an opportunity to “virtually” fly to different parts of the world while working with peers on a “science expedition team” to learn about indigenous people and wildlife adaptation to global warming and climate change.

This interdisciplinary program offers basic ground and flight simulation training with rigor in geographical and flight computational skills. In addition to understanding airspace regulations and airport operations, students learn how to plan a flight route to a destination using GPS and map skills while calculating distance, airspeed and fuel consumption. Our program also accesses professional online tools where students participate with AOPA training courses, AMA flight school, and upon successful completion of the Civil Air Patrol MicroSoft Flight Simulation course students are recognized with a certificate.

Integrating Aeronautical Engineering, students build model aircraft and have opportunity to join the Parkway UAS/Drone Competition Team. Free membership to the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) is required.  

Students interested in pursuing a career in the commercial drone industry may continue flight simulation training at Parkway with introduction to local certified flight school.

Horticultural Science 

Parkway’s Horticulture Science program is the recipient of the Florida Agriculture in the Classroom Award 2015.

Focusing on the science behind food production methods, Parkway’s Horticultural course works collaboratively with Oakland Park Farms learning methods used by local community farm experts, and utilized at the International Space Station. 

Parkway’s Edible and Pollinator Gardens feature vertical towers, hydroponics, traditional in-ground food growth methods, and a butterfly garden to support the pollination process. Students learn the science and methods for healthy soil mixtures and root systems, organic fertilization and fruit yield, and pest controls while discovering the local wildlife that support and benefit from the gardens. Food production for a growing population is a vital concern. 

Students interested in outdoors, hands-on activities with a technological edge will enjoy this course.

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