Dillard Students Paint Murals on School Walls Creating Exterior Halls of Beauty

Dillard students painted a series of murals on walls throughout the campus of Dillard 6-12 School. Through a block grant by the Broward Cultural Division, students worked with muralist Alex Vahan, who lent his expertise of 20+ years painting exterior murals to this project. Alex and Dillard’s Digital Arts Design Teacher, Stacey Jenkins worked with the students providing guidance through the initial concept development, rough sketches, digital illustration, mock-ups, and implementation of mural painting.

Students worked after school for several weeks to complete the murals. “Besides (the murals) being beautiful, it has fostered relationships and connections with students. I truly think the most amazing reactions have been noted on the attitudes of people as they pause to smile and wave while viewing the murals. So many benefits, simply by adding the aesthetic...pretty cool,” stated Stacey Jenkins, Digital Arts and Design teacher.